Can Dogs Eat Spinach?

Can dogs eat spinach? Yes, dogs can definitely eat spinach, however it s not one of those high protein, high iron rich vegetables that you want to be feeding to your dog. Spinach is extremely high in oxalic and calcium, both of which are harmful to the body and blocks the dog’s ability to properly absorb necessary calcium. The other nutrients found in spinach are quite healthy for the dog.

So why do I recommend spinach as a vegetable? There are a few reasons that I can think of. Spinach is a complete food so will provide all of the nutrients a dog needs for a complete meal. It is also relatively cheap, so feeding your dog a half cup of spinach is going to cost you about the same amount as a dog treat. Also spinach contains all of the great nutrients like vitamin c, iron, calcium, etc.

Now let us discuss what nutrients are in spinach that are good for your dog and help to keep them healthy. One of the main nutrients found in spinach is called betaine. This is a B-vitamin that is an essential part of obtaining healthy skin, hair, nerves, organs and a strong immune system. Because it is also an antioxidant it helps prevent cancer as well.

Which Acid found in spinach

Next is oxalic acid, which can be found in a large amount in spinach. Oxalic acid is known to cause kidney damage and frequent urination in dogs. It can also cause premature aging and is linked to large amounts of calcium in the blood, which is also linked to kidney damage as well. If your dog has a lot of calcium in their blood, it can result in a kidney failure which means that the dog will need to be hospitalized.

Then there is lactic acid, which is also found in a large amount in spinach. While it is generally not a problem for dogs, they can have problems absorbing and utilizing it. The only time this will occur is if your dog eats a large amount of spinach that is rich in lactic acid. Because of this you want to make sure that the dog has a very small amount of oxalates in their diet because oxalates can lead to acid kidney disease. If you do happen to have a pet with kidney problems, make sure that they are only eating a small amount of spinach.

If you have a young pup, it may be hard to tell if they are getting enough nutrients from the spinach that they are eating. Although young animals can absorb a large amount of calcium they cannot process it correctly. If your pet does not have sufficient levels of calcium then they can experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating and suffer from weak bones and teeth. Because of the health benefits of spinach there are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that your animal is getting all of the calcium they need.

Get Pets Health Benefits from spinach

Since humans can benefit from the health benefits of leafy greens like spinach so can animals. In fact the calcium in leafy greens like spinach is even better for humans than dairy products. But again just like humans they can only process a small amount of it at a time. Petsynse needs to consume a lot more leafy greens like spinach if they want to absorb all of the calcium. Make sure that you always feed your pet spinach unless it is extremely sick. Feeding they spinach in very small quantities at a time will help them get all of the nutrients that they need.

Although many people do not believe that spinach is good for humans, there are plenty of people who swear by it. You can find plenty of information on the internet about the nutritional value of this nutrient. Spinach definitely provides your pet with a great deal of vitamins and nutrients that they are not getting in their diet. So, whether you decide to give your dog spinach or give it to someone else make sure that you give them some of it each day.

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