FBS Forex Broker Review

Are you looking for an honest FBS forex broker review? Then must read this article thoroughly because it is a brief informational article about FBS forex brokers.

FBS Forex Broker

The company FBS was begun in 2009, and now it’s among the most favorite brokers in the world. The company has contended to become the special currency trading solution for numerous traders around the globe. FBS has begun a new Crypto account, particularly for trading cryptocurrencies, currency USD (Tether).

The new Crypto account has over 100 instruments with digital currencies. The Crypto account has both authentic and demo accounts and fairly low spreads with leverage of 1:5. So, let’s begin:


Pros and Cons of FBS Forex Broker

Every broker has some pros and cons as well. So, how will you know which one is better?

Here you have to do two things. The first one is to check a broker’s pros and cons on the internet. And then see which pros are good for you and which cons are bearable for you. Then decide whether you are going to choose that particular broker or not.

Let’s see what FBS forex broker has to go for you:


  • FBS forex broker provides both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.
  • Ultra-low minimum deposits.
  • Competitive zero-pip spreads.
  • Cryptocurrency trading account.
  • Range of advancements & deposit extras.


  • lesser account and trading options in Europe.
  • Commissions are payable on numerous trade genres at the global company.

Trading Hours of FBS Forex Broker

Are you one of those FX traders who are always disciplined and want everything on time? If so, you must know which trading hours you can trade with the FBS forex broker.

The FBS broker website is accessible at all times. Opening hours for each asset fancy on the timezone and market in which you are trading. But FBS forex broker runs 24 hours a day and five days a week. FBS forex broker also provides a virtual private server (VPS) service, which allows the customer to observe their trading platform on a virtual machine24/7.

Is FBS Forex Broker Safe?

FBS is a trademark name applied by Tradestone Limited, a Cyprus registered company, EU and MiFID regulated investment establishment registered with CySEC. Further, FBS institutions are located in the Marshall Islands and Belize, which are coastal belts that don’t genuinely validate their dependable status on their own.

Belize local regulator International Financial Service Commission or IFSC substantially precisely register companies rather than regulate them. Eventually, European CySEC makes FBS a broker compliant to regulatory conditions and thus offers responsible trading conditions. So, it is completely safe to trade with an FBS forex broker.


leverage levels accelerate your trading size by its potential to multiply original balance gaining vast opportunities to advanced earnings. As usual, extended leverage depends on some factors containing your position of expertise, residence, which instrument you trade, and falls under regulatory limitations.

If you are a European FX trader, you can trade with maximum leverage of 1:30 with an FBS forex broker for major currency pairs. But suppose you are a non-European FX trader and working with an FBS forex broker. In that case, you can avail of tremendous leverage of  1:1000 or even 1:3000 sometime.

Bottom Line

What do you think about the FBS forex broker and our review about it? Please let us know!

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