From a Fat Guy to a Bodybuilder – Journey towards an epic Transformation

You must have heard about many people who had a lean body once in their lives and then a life-changing moment came in their lives and they tried hard to transform their bodies. These stories were common everywhere. These stories give us the motivation to achieve our goals.

No one can ever think that a skinny guy could achieve a bulky muscled body. But the dedication and hard work can do the trick in this regard. Also, add steroids to the mix. However, know what are anabolic steroids made of and other details about them if you intend to use them.

For some people, the journey is seamless, while for others, it can be quite tough. But the fact cannot be denied the route to becoming a bodybuilder is different for every individual. Well, today, I am going to share my story with you that is about the transformation of my body. This transformation is not from a lean body to a muscular body, this is about the conversion of a fat body into a well-built, muscular body.

The story begins when I was a school kid, I was healthier than normal people. My friends used to call me with different names hinting towards my fat body appearance. But at that moment I didn’t feel bad as I too enjoy giving them different names.

When I was in my teens and entered high school, I used to eat different types of junk food. Being a member of a rich family, I didn’t have to face financial issues in any regard. Due to this, I had some friends who were my partners in eating all those junks. Regularly eating fast food turned me into a fat guy.

My family members laughed at me and I started losing my friends due to my physical appearance, as I cannot participate in most of the activities they do. One day I wondered if I was happy with my body appearance. An inner voice told me that I am not happy with that and I want to change it. This motivated me to lose weight and gain muscles.

I searched for different activities and exercises that can transform my body. I also met with some experts, and they told me that before gaining muscles I had to lose weight, otherwise, my body will be de-shaped. I hired a personal trainer and started losing weight. With a complete diet plan and a regular workout, I managed to lose weight. It took me about a year to reduce about 80 to 90 pounds of weight.

My trainer told me that if I want to lose weight, then I have to eat only for my physique for a brief duration instead of taste. I think this was the step that can lead me to abandon my dreams. But I managed to do so with the support of my siblings and parents. It was difficult to change diet from pizzas and burgers and salads, and fibers.

Once I managed to lose weight, I started bodybuilding. My body had already got familiar with weight lifting and stretching. I had the capacity to bear intense workouts of a personal training berwick program. So this step was easy for me in comparison to the first one. I had to change my routine to achieve my desired body shape. Once there was a time when I woke up late in the morning, but today I am an early riser.

My journey from a fat guy to a professional bodybuilder was not easy. You know how it is difficult for a person to work out in the gym, who didn’t want to go to the gym on foot. You can imagine how difficult it is to change your diet from delicious fast foods to a specific regular diet. Also, I don’t feel shade in admitting that I used steroids. The biggest challenge, however, was to know where to buy legit steroids online. I explored many options, but finally decided on UGFreak. And I’m glad I made this decision.

Overall, my determination and passion never decrease. I keep on moving to achieve my goals. And finally, I am at the point where I can say that I have achieved my goals.

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