The Best Full Body Workout with Only Dumbbells

If you have sets of dumbbells, and you know how to utilize them you can bulk up your muscles. These tools are designed to provide strength and body endurance in your upper body area. You can achieve the results if you plan on a weekly basis and if you remain consistent on your workout plans. Even the world-class bodybuilders and models in

corporate dumbbells into their workout regimen although they have other expensive equipment to train themselves, but still for their upper body strengthening they depend upon dumbbells, then who are we to neglect this equipment (dumbbells). 

Along with that, the foremost important thing is that before you make a start in any type of workout, you must have proper gym outfits and other accessories which can improve your athletic performance. Born tough gym workout attires are stretchable, durable, and breathable, which are designed for your workout.


Building muscles with goblet squats. 

If you want to develop strength for your lower body, globe squats are the best which you should add to your workout routine. Goblet squats exercise helps you to develop stronger leg muscles. The main muscles that are engaged by goblet squats are the glute, core, and quads. As you are holding some of the weight on your chest, the core will secure the trunk during each movement, and the lat along with your back muscles will hold on to the dumbbells and kettlebells at their position. 

How heavy should the dumbbells be to gain muscle mass?

If women need to build up muscle mass, they should lift up 5 to 8 pounds of dumbbells, on the other hand, men should lift up to 8 to 10 pounds of dumbbells to get started. 

Bicep curls with dumbbells. 

In order to perform the bicep curls, you need to stand up straight with the dumbbells in each hand. Your elbow should be resting at your sides, and your forearms should be extending out in front of your body. Start bending your elbow and afterward bring the dumbbells upwards to your shoulders. Reverse the curl slowly and repeat the process again. 

After performing this workout, you need your muscles to recover. During the healing/recovery time phase, your muscles lose strength and energy, so after 36 to 48 hours your muscle starts getting stronger again. Remember that if you beat up any of your body parts every day, it won’t grow. So it’s very important to have some rest after an intense workout. 

For any type of workout, as I described earlier, you need to get properly fitted, stretchable and moisture-wicking outfits. Born tough workout clothes aid comfort in your workout and their price is pocket-friendly. 

Incline dumbbell press workout. 

Incline dumbbell press workouts are also known as incline dumbbell bench presses that are the effective strength training workout that you can learn. Incline dumbbell bench press works on your upper body muscles, and mainly this workout captivates pectoral muscles located in your chest. Various research has also revealed that the most effective angle for incline dumbbell press is 45 degrees. Along with that the higher and lower angels are also effective if you want to work on your upper chest. 

Build up muscles with a farmer’s walk workout. 

Take short and rapid steps and start walking forward (holding dumbbells in each hand). Take 10 steps forward and 10 steps back for almost 25 to 30 seconds. Farmer walk workout is a full-body workout that mainly engages your shoulders, upper back, quads, hamstring, ABS, glutes, and calf muscles. 


If you are a beginner I would suggest you perform a farmers’ walk with 25 pounds weight(each arm). Also, make sure that your back is safe and straight, along with that hold the weight firmly. You can also increase your weight once you get more powerful and stronger. 

Flat dumbbell fly’s workout. 

I would say that this workout is better than bench press because by performing this workout, your muscles fibers are activated which helps in promoting your muscles growth. Flat dumbbells fly mainly engage your pecs, delt, biceps, rotator cuffs, rhomboids, small pectoralis minor, and larger pectoralis major muscles. 

How to perform flat dumbbells flye. 

In order to perform flat dumbbells flye, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Lie down on the flat bench with your head and shoulders supported by the bench and your feet upon the floor. Hold the dumbbells above your chest, and move your palms inward ( facing each other), press the dumbbells, and extend your arms. Start lowering the weight, in an arc position out to the sides, as far as you feel comfortable or when you start feeling a sort of stretch in your chest. Reverse the movement and get back into the starting position. 

Bent over row with dumbbells. 

In order to perform this workout, you need to stand up straight on your feet, start bending slightly upon your knees, making a position that your body is parallel to the floor. When you are lifting the weight up, against your chest make sure that your back is straight and your core is firm and tight. 

Through this workout, you are working on the muscles of your forearms, lats, hamstrings, spinal erectors, trapezius, and also on your biceps also. 

One arm swing dumbbell workout. 

As I have noticed, mostly the muscles which are ignored are the glute and hamstring. So, if you want to work on these two muscles, and want to make them stronger, you should opt for one arm swing dumbbell workout. Through this workout, you are not engaging your glute and hamstring but also engaging your core, and quadriceps muscles as well. 

It’s also effective in boosting up your metabolic rate and in burning fats faster. 

Does working out on a single arm make the other arm stronger? 

Here, the question may arise whether working out on one arm muscle makes the other arm muscles stronger or not? So according to various research, it has been revealed that working out one side of your body, makes the other side (muscles)of your body fit and stronger. 

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