The best MMA fighters taking steroids.

MMA fighters
MMA fighters

In every sport, you need to be powerful and muscular. Martial arts are the toughest sport in which you need to build strength, stamina, and power, that is the reason most fighters choose the artificial way in developing muscular power and energy because they are being challenged by their opponent.  The advantage of steroids is that they improve the athletic performance of a fighter, increase the muscular mass of an athlete and also suppress the production of those chemicals that cause inflammation. So these are the several reasons why most athletes get crazy after steroids. The most commonly used steroid among MMA fighters is testosterone.

Besides building strong muscles, comfortable fight wear also helps you a lot in increasing your overall performance, so make sure to get a stretchable and sweat-wicking gym attire before indulging yourself in any type of workout. Elite sports gym training outfits are sweat-wicking and are durable too.

Let’s get back to the discussion, the question that may arise in your mind is how do testosterone and other steroids work for MMA fighters? So, by injection of testosterone, the focus, performance gets improved, and along with that testosterone also increases the aggression that is required in the ring.

Most MMA fighters are being paid for showing their best performance in the ring that’s why they use testosterone and other steroids as well.

Drugs that are prohibited for MMA fighters.

There are tremendous numbers of drugs that are further classified into four categories, that may include the following


Stimulants such as caffeine are widely used psychoactive drugs that are found in coffee. Other than that, stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamine are also prohibited for MMA fighters.

Blood doping.

Blood doping drugs increase the number of red blood cells in an unnatural way and also promote your athletic performance by transporting oxygen to your body muscles.

Growth hormones (anabolic and testosterone steroids)

The anabolic and testosterone steroids are also called growth-promoting steroids. MMA fighters use them in order to enhance their muscular endurance, besides that their level of pain tolerance and aggression also increases.


Most of the fighters inject diuretics to achieve a harder mass of their muscles. Diuretics promote the flow of urine resulting in dropped blood pressure.

There are certain MMA fighters who are dependent on steroids, it has been estimated by Joe Rogan(former television presenter, commentator, and American podcast host) that 50 to 60 percent of the UFC fighters are dependent on steroids.

Anderson Silva

No doubt, Anderson Silva (American mixed martial arts boxer ) was the inspiration for the young generation. Anderson is a former middleweight UFC icon. In four years of the MMA fighting journey, he protected his UFC title eight times. However, in 2013, Anderson Silva faced Chis Weidman in UFC fights and lost his title. After five months in one of UFC’s matches with Chris Weidman, Silva broke his leg.

So in 2015 ( after his leg surgery) Silva had a fight with Nick Diaz 2015, and in the same year, he was suspected for a year, because he was using anabolic steroids( drostanolone and androsterone).

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar, a heavyweight champion, was suspected for a year by USADA (American anti-doping agency). Later NAC revealed that Brock was tested positive for anabolic steroid usage of the antiestrogen agent clomiphene and hydroxy- clomiphene.  Further, because of the failed drug tests, he got suspended again for the time period of one year and was fined $250,000 by the Nevada athletic commission.

Besides this discussion, if you are planning to hit the gym you need to get appropriate gym gear and attire first as I have described above. Elite sports gym workout outfits are durable and are economical too.

Gleison Tibau

The best Brazilian mixed martial arts athlete, competing in the fighter league of the lightweight division. For potential anti-dropping policy validation, a lightweight UFC fighter was suspended by the United States anti-dropping Agency ( USADA). 

Against Abel Trujilo, Tibau won the first-round submission match, and the result of that victory is pending because it is not exactly known when that violation took place. He confessed that he was taking EPO( by injecting EPO athletes to improve their aerobic capacity, your muscles also work more hard and strong, along with that the number of red blood cells also get increased), he said ‘ i took it, without knowing that I was doing something wrong.’

 Hector Lombard.

Once tested positive for the usage of steroids named methoxymethyl testosterone’ hector Lombard was 

Suspended for the period of one year by the Nevada state athletic commission. After the decision of the first round, Hector executed two strikes after the horn, which rendered Dalloway, not able to proceed, as a result of which Lombard was eliminated. On September 22 (2018)at UFC night 137 Lombard faced Thales Leites. 

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